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Selected Projects

Selected Projects

Normandy Landfill Reclamation Project, Beirut - Lebanon
Type of Project: Landfill Treatment and Reclamation Project
Scope of Works: Capital Dredging and Support Services
Subcontract Duration: June 2003 – February 2005
Main Client: Societe Libanaise de Developpement et de Reconstruction(Solidere)
Consultant: W.A. Fairhurst International
Main/Sub-Contractors: Radian International LLC / Mouawad-Edde sarl
Marine Sub-Contractor: Joint Venture Hydromar – North & South

Scope of Works
The Normandy Landfill Reclamation Project was launched by Solidere as an important part of the rebuilding and rehabilitation of downtown Beirut. The objective of this project was to treat the landfill material and to reclaim the suitable material as a marketable development land that poses no risk to human health, public welfare and environment.

The project required the on-site excavation, sorting, treatment, and backfilling of around 5.0 million m3 consisting of miscellaneous material (fill, plastics, rocks, demolition debris, etc). It was estimated that around 2.5 million m3 were below sea level to depth -18m.

The JV’s sub-contract consisted of excavating around 1.0 million m3 of underwater material up to -20m depth and unloading the material on land. To carry on these works and meet the project required production rates, the JV mobilized a number of specialized marine equipments including one bucket dredger, 2 split barges, 2 crane barges and 2 long reach excavators. In spite of the very difficult site working conditions, the JV was able to complete the scope of works on time and in conformity with the project’s safety requirements and technical specifications.

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