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Selected Projects

Selected Projects

Construction of Lot 1 and Lot 9 of the Nouveau Port de Tanger- Méditerranée, Tangiers - Morocco
Type of Project: Port Construction and Infrastructure Works
Scope of Works: Rock Transport and Installation with Split Barges
Duration: Lot 1: July 2004 – Nov. 2005
Lot 9: June 2007 to Feb. 2008
Client: Société de Réalisation du Port de Tanger-Méditerranée (SRPTM), a joint venture of Bouygues TP - Saipem sa - Bymaro

Scope of Works
In the process of the construction of the Nouveau Port de Tanger-Méditerranée, and specifically in order to accelerate the construction of its breakwaters and meet the project schedule, SRPTM needed to dump directly underwater in predetermined locations around 2,800,000 tons of rock material.

Having proposed the right equipment and price, North and South was hired for the job. To carry on the works, N&S mobilized and utilized its two Self Propelled Split Barges “Al Arz 1” and “Al Arz 2” having each a hopper capacity of 1500 m3.

To achieve the required advancement rate, the works were carried out on the basis of 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In 23 months duration, around 2,800,000 tons of rock material (0-500kg) were transported from the loading dock and dumped at the locations specified by SRPTM. The works were completed according to schedule to the satisfaction of the Client.
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