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Selected Projects

Selected Projects

Tripoli Sea Outfall, Tripoli - Lebanon
Type of Project: Construction of a Sea Outfall
Scope of Works: Sea Outfall Trenching
Duration: April 2009 – June 2009
Client/Sub-Contractor: Butec/Soteg

Scope of Works
The project involves the installation of a 1500 m long HDPE pipe with a 1.6 m nominal diameter from land to -14 m depth. The pipe was to be laid up in a trench 3.5 m deep. North and South were hired to dredge the last 800 m of the trench. In order to carry on the works, North and South used its Bucket Dredger “Jeita” to excavate the seabed material and its Split Barge “Al Arz 1” to dump the material offshore. The project was completed in 2 months to the satisfaction of the Client.
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